Monday, July 11, 2016

What Is "Marketing Mindset" And Why Is It Important So You Can Market Like A Queen

This blog's goal is to inspire and empower you to Market Like A Queen and stand out in your industry as a leader by understanding what marketing mindset is and why you need to build yours. 


As an entrepreneur at any stage of your business, you are automatically also a marketer. This means that you share about what you are doing / making / selling with a specific audience who needs / wants what you have. You build relationship with them, and with influencers who can help you find them. This process of building these relationships is the main goal of all your marketing activities.

Having a wise "Marketing Mindset" means that you take the time to learn the best practices for building these relationships. It also means that you learn wiser, up-to-date strategies for how to build and grow your customer audience / list most effectively. Unfortunately, not everyone is intentionally building a wiser marketing mindset. Many entrepreneurs are just "doing marketing" without any real understanding of it, even though it is the most critical part of any successful business.


A "Market Like A Queen" mindset is a leader's view of marketing for their unique business / ministry / organization. A leader who is learning how to Market Like A Queen understands that their business serves and speaks to a unique, specific audience. Because you understand this, you choose to build your wise marketing strategy on purpose, instead of just following the latest greatest trends that you happened to hear about.

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When you Market Like A Queen, you write out your strategic marketing plan. You use this written plan to build your daily, weekly and monthly marketing action plan. This action plan begins to govern how your schedule and your budget flow. In a nutshell, instead of just having a loose plan in your head that no one else can see, you write down your plan so that you can do it; and so that you can delegate the parts that you can't or don't want do yourself.

After you start putting your plan into action, you also track it. As you track it, you pay attention to what is not working so that you can tweak or improve it. And you also know what parts of your plan are working so you can leave them alone and let them keep working for you.

Finally, when you Market Like A Queen, you also must remember to note down the milestones for your business as you make progress on those goals outlined in your strategic plan. When a leader is determined to Market Like A Queen, they make time to celebrate their own and their team's progress. This helps to create an atmosphere that keeps you and your whole team motivated to keep moving forward.

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